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Sussex Defend the NHS Campaign is organising a regional campaign against the Sustainability and Transformation Plans that are the most immediate and devastating plans that threaten our NHS.

The first meeting of this regional campaign to oppose STP is set to take place on Sunday 30th April at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton between 1pm and 4pm.  They are hoping to get representatives of local organisations, political parties and trade unions at that meeting in an attempt to organise a campaign across the whole of the East Surrey and Sussex area that would be covered by the Footprint 33 plans.

They have shared the following documents with this campaign group that explain very well exactly why this regional campaign against STP is of so much importance and what the meeting will be covering.  I would urge anyone reading this who belongs to any organisation that has an interest in the safeguarding of the NHS to read through these documents and consider sending a representative  along on Sunday.

The first document gives an outline for Sunday’s meeting OUTLINE FOR FIRST MEETING OF REGIONAL OPPOSE STP CAMPAIGN

The next document gives a summary of the main issues of concern regarding the STP for our region Summary of issues of concern with STP

The next document describes how we can go about fighting against the STP in our region STP and HOW TO FIGHT IT IN FOOTPRINT 33

Finally, for anyone still yet unsure about whether they oppose the STP here is an excellent document that details why many people feel STPs would signal the death of our NHS STP takes over the NHS


It would be great to see as many people as possible from organisations right across our region there on Sunday

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