Undemocratic, irresponsible and dangerous – The NHS Long Term Plan

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Its a bank holiday weekend and one many people, including  myself, may be hoping to enjoy.  But sadly, our Government is so desperate to force through the privatisation of our NHS we can’t take a rest this time.  Our GPs are being lied to as much as we are, and have been sent through misleading promotional material that seeks to make them sign up to contracts, that will destroy primary care.  The blog post will provide you with details of what is happening and what you can do to fight back.  But it is essential that we act fast, please read on.

Our Government has been using Brexit and the national obsession with it, as a smokescreen behind which they can destroy the NHS without anyone complaining or even noticing.  There has been secondary legislation (legislation passed without a debate or vote in parliament) brought in that will  steamroller through the  complete privatisation of the NHS.

The NHS Long Term Plan was produced by Simon Stevens (CEO of NHS England and ex-chief exec of United Health, a large US healthcare corporation).  This plan was basically introducing yet another top-down reorgainsation of the NHS.

I am interrupting what should have been a peaceful and restful bank holiday weekend to bring you the news of what this Long Term Plan is going to do to Primary Care.  This has to be said now as on the 15th May your GP may have to sign up to a Primary Care Network.  The facts of why this is so worrying are best explained by Dr Bob Gill, a GP and amazing NHS Campaigner.   There is not much time but I have put a link into this post where  you can download a sample letter to your GP asking him/her not to sign up to the local PCN. Please do watch the video below.


By asking GPs to sign up to Primary Care Networks by the 15th May the Government is seeking to prevent any debate or vote on the isssue at the BMA Representatives Meeting.  NHS England and the BMA have been complicit in producing misleading promotional material for GPs about the new systems for Primary Care.

We are all being lied to and the endless stream of new proposals, confusing acronyms, misleading phrases and blatant lies is designed to confuse us, and make us feel we can’t fight back.

But, we can fight back and we should, so please do join me in sending a letter to your GP as soon as possible urging him/her to not sign up to these Primary Care Networks.

Primary Care Networks are a part of the whole Integrated Care System or Accountable Care. Have a watch of this video to find out a bit more about the Integrated Care Systems.  You need to know as in this area, as well as many others we are already running a trial of an Integrated Care System.

Here is my sample letter, which you can use if you simply want to get something off in the post asap.  But if you can personalise a letter than that would be better.  Please do share this post as much as you can and let’s try and fight back as hard as we can.

Please sign the petition against Integrated Care Systems

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