An online survey about the Eastbourne people’s views on the closure of our GP walk-in centre

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The CCG seems to be justifying the closure of our GP walk-in centre by various claims about what we, as the popuation of Eastbourne, are feeling and experiencing regarding accessing GP appointments.  I asked in a previous post that people answer a few questions in the comment box below the post.  Although it is clear a lot of people have looked at the post nobody has yet put anything in the comment box.

So I am trying to make this simpler.  I have set up an online survey which you can reach if you click on this link

I believe that Eastbourne needs its GP walk-in centre and that the station is the ideal location for the service.  I very much hope we can try and get as many people as possible to complete this survey so we have our own picture of what the population is feeling.  If our results differ from that of the CCG then we will challenge their claims and hopefully protect the service.

Please, please complete the survey and share with as many people as possible.

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