Further developments as we campaign against the lack of stoma friendly toilets

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The rights of disabled people are enshrined in law. Yet, people who have had a colostomy or an ileostomoy are suffering enormous practical difficulties in public places as so few have appropriate toilet facilites.

Sue Field, the Lead Stoma Care Specialist Nurse from East Sussex Healthcare Trust provided me with this letter which indicates that there are many people in East Sussex living with a stoma who urgently need to see an improvement in facilities provided.

I have already written about this issue on this website but now I am happy to say there has been some progress.  I found out that East Sussex Healthcare Trust does not provide stoma-friendly toilets for visitors or people coming as outpatients .  I felt it was utterly outrageous for a hospital trust to have neglected the needs of some disabled people.  So after writing an email to their complaints department they have replied saying that they would like to address the problem.

It just shows that sometimes all that is needed is for somebody to speak up.


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