Responding to the COVID-19 outbreak

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In light of the current crisis relating to the COVID-19 outbreak this campaign has suspended all future activity and meetings.  We have always held the belief that public health is of the utmost importance and will aim to, wherever possible, take any action necessary to protect the health of our community.

We would really urge everybody to play their part in helping control the spread of this disease.  This is a once in a lifetime crisis that is certain to result in many drastic changes to our society.  It is a hugely stressful time for many but in particular for the most vulnerable people amongst us.

Please make contact with anyone who you know who is particularly vulnerable at this time.   The elderly may not be able to order groceries online, those living in poverty may not be able to afford to stockpile food etc and those in insecure work may not be able to afford time off sick.  Our food bank and homeless charities can help but they rely on donations from us.

I have today contacted the CCG and asked them to suspend the public consultation into the closure of our walk-in centre.  NHS services are all going to be over-stretched and people need to feel that if nothing else they could still access an appointment with a GP even if their own GP cannot see them.

If you too, feel that at this time the walk-in centre needs to be protected please join us in asking the CCG to remove any threat of closure from our station health centre.  You can email them at

In the meantime, stay safe, and keep communicating with us online. When we can return to our usual activities it will be announced on this website andd on social networks.


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