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It is getting increasingly difficult to get the information we need.  It is vital we know how our local NHS is performing if we are to tackle the areas where it is failing.

For this reason we are asking you to send to us feedback on how you are experiencing NHS care in East Sussex.  We have set up a new email address  for you to send us information about how East Sussex NHS services have performed.

Please email:  


or write to:    

East Sussex Save the NHS Feedback

Flat 22 Lothian Court, 21-25 Midhurst Rd

Eastbourne BN22 9HN

You can do this either as a patient, or on behalf of somebody else who is a patient or as a member of staff.  Your feedback can be on any aspect of health and social care services be they general medicine, psychiatry, dentistry, opthalmics or social care.

We would appreciate any feedback at all, good as well as bad.  We hope to hear from as many of you as possible so if you can try to keep to a maximum of two paragraphs it would be appreciated.

We understand our medical problems are not something many of us want to talk about. For that reason we would ask that you let us know in any correspondence if you are willing for us to use your story or if it is simply a story that you want us to know about but not use.

If you do give us permission to use your story we will only do so after anonymising it entirely.  This will not only mean we remove names but we will also remove any detail which would identify you.

Please help us to campaign successfully on this vital service – without which many of us would not be here today.  Please share this post with your contacts who live in East Sussex and help us build a picture of what our healthcare services look like in this area.

Thank you

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