Now the clapping has stopped NHS workers need us to act again

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What was the point of all that                                clapping ?    British people applaud NHS workers





exhauusted NHS workers

If we then fail to act when this happens




Now the clapping has stopped NHS workers need us to act again. But not in some sort of empty gesture that achieves very little.  They are breaking in two and unless we act now we will lose our healthcare service entirely.

Sometime ago I used  social networks to ask NHS staff for their comments about life at work. I had known things were bad but the deluge of messages I received shocked  me to the core.

Although I had a column published in Eastbourne’s Bourefree magazine it failed to make even a small chip in the horror of life as an NHS worker.  I have now taken all the comments and put them into a single document after removing all names and other identifying information.

I am hoping that our campaign will be able to use this resource as a method of putting pressure on MPs in East Sussex. We will be  calling on them to act to tackle the current working conditions for NHS staff. If any other campaigners wish to download this document and use it for the same purpose please feel free.  Here is a download link.

If you did go out and applaude those NHS workers each Thursday evening please don’t forget them now.  Have a read through their comments and ask yourself what else you can do. Because nobody could deny they need us to support them and place pressure on the people we elect to represent our wishes. And, indeed the wishes of NHS staff.

The NHS workers are our NHS. Hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics and dentist surgeries rely on the standards of care the staff can give.  The Nightingale hospitals may have come at huge expense but had to close because Britian didn’t have the workers to staff them.  Boris Johnosn promised the UK 40 new hospitals including one here in Eastbourne.  Although for the amount of money he put behind this pledge it was clear it was never going to happen.  But until we rectify the staffing crisis there really wouldn’t be much point in opening any new buildings at all.

I am extremely grateful for all the comments I received but if you are a worker who would like their own comment to be added please email it to me (  Thank you


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  1. Am a hca on a head and neck ward we didn’t have any masks at the beginning and we were doing trackies and Larry’s with really poorly patients we had nurses from different wards that have never been trained to do theses and it was urs band 2 that was doing all the care on 10 pound a hour we sent to different wards as there was short staff and now we still have to go to different wards all the time we work with just one off urs all the time has there take staff all the time the new nurses are left with so much l think it’s time that some one looks again at the band’s we are on has we has band 2 do alot of patient contact l go to Christie’s with my Larrys patients because am trained and am payed as a domestict that’s does not have any patient care at all

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