The Government is on the verge of allowing large US tech giants access to all our medical records.  That is unless we can stop this process in its tracks.  Health data is extremely valuable. Researchers and academics use health data to save lives.  But, it can also be of greatContinue Reading

  The shocking election results last week pose new challenges to this campaign.  It was hardly a surprise that I didn’t win in Hampden Park but disappointing that so many voted for more of the same.  I have already written in Bournefree Live about our experiences of speaking to localContinue Reading

  Specialist services at the Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) in East Grinstead now face an uncertain future.  It is shocking to think that the future of these specialist services is now so precarious.  Many recognise the hospital as a centre of excellence. But the proposed merger of Western Sussex andContinue Reading

A pay rise for key workers is desperately needed.  After all our key workers have been through recently there is no justification for refusing it.  But after yesterday’s budget statement by Rushi Sunak it is clear that we need to ramp up the pressure on our Government .  Rushi SunakContinue Reading

Boris Johnson is preparing a lethal blow to the NHS and not to reverse privatisation.  But even the supposedly ‘left-wing’ Guardian has been hailing the news of an overhaul of NHS England as positive.  The concept that Johnson would end privatisation is akin to believing in unicorns.    Continue Reading

Hospital trusts around the country have been merging to create larger trusts.  This is an aim set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. This post describes why we have so many concerns about trust mergers. The plan reverses a process of greater localisation that was introduced in the HealthContinue Reading

How many people in our population know about primary care networks?  I suspect it is remarkably few although they are a policy choice which will radically alter service provision.  Ultimately, they are just one more step towards England having an American-style healthcare system.  Nobody told the public about primary careContinue Reading

The campaign to stop the closure of our walk-in centre For well over a year now, we have campaigned against the closure of our walk-in centre at Eastbourne station. We collected nearly 5000 signatures on a petition against the closure. Our population were fantastic, between 80 and 90 % ofContinue Reading

Many people’s lives depend on treatments that may soon be unavailable because of changes to  NICE guidelines on chronic pain. One in six people live with a  chronic pain condition.  The medical reasearchers show little interest in finding treatments and receive much less funding for chronic pain than other conditions. Continue Reading

We have been fighting East Sussex Clinical Commissiong Group (ESCCG) over the closure of our NHS walk-in centre for some time now.  When initially we first heard about the proposal it was long before anyone could anticipate the impact that the Covid -19 pandemic would have on our country. WeContinue Reading