This post contains an online survey that we have created to assess how much the public is being informed about structural changes to our NHS. There have been many changes to the policies that govern our NHS particularly in recent years. And, we are aware that not every media sourceContinue Reading

It is vital that as a campaign we get accurate information about how deep the problems run in our NHS. We need to know what you, the members of public, are experiencing when you access NHS services. How can we assess the effects of the many structural problems that haveContinue Reading

By Carol Mills Junior doctors at Eastbourne’s DGH fight for pay restoration and safe patient care began this week. They are among 61,000 trainee doctors taking industrial action.  Their fight is not simply for better pay as our Government would like to have you believe. It is a fight toContinue Reading

We need to restore democratic control of our NHS. And we need your help to achieve this. In 2022 our Government once again re-organised our NHS from the top down.  They broke up the health service in England into 42 semi-automonous healthcare systems  divided geographically across the country.  Each systemContinue Reading

It has been a disastrous new year for our healthcare. Ambulances, stacked up outside our hospitals for hours waiting to offload patients at A&E. Delays in emergency care causing 500 deaths a week. Patients being treated on trolleys in corridors and store cupboards. And, NHS nurses taking industrial action forContinue Reading

Raising the alarm about the dismantling of our NHS was our aim last weekend. Which is why East Sussex Save the NHS hosted an event in Eastbourne about the privatisation of our NHS. We were delighted to have two excellent speakers to talk about our healthcare today in this cultureContinue Reading

Our NHS saves lives, it eases suffering and supports communities. Although cracks have appeared in the standard of care we receive,  most people are not yet prepared to give up on their NHS. Our events at the Gather community space in Eastbourne have made this clear to us as aContinue Reading

Eastbourne residents made it clear that they care about our NHS this week. On Monday our campaign held another event in the Gather community space of Eastbourne’s Beacon shopping centre. This time we were talking to the public about what the future holds for our NHS.  It was certainly clearContinue Reading

This week we were raising awareness of how and why our NHS is changing. We took over the Gather community space in Eastbourne’s Beacon shopping centre for this purpose. Since its birth in 1948 our NHS has constantly been rearranged. Standards have dropped and now many people are falling outContinue Reading