I appreciate that all the changes being made to the structure of our NHS have been coming at us in quick succession.  They have also been obfuscated by the most inappropriate language which often gives labels for new systems that mean exactly the opposite of what they represent.  You mayContinue Reading

Within the Sussex and East Surrey region which comes under the Footprint 33 STP Board there is a large population, covering a wide geographical area with many health inequalities.  For this reason the STP has been divided into three place-based plans.  East Sussex Better Together (ESBT)  is the place-based planContinue Reading

If you ever doubted that our NHS was being destroyed we can now see clear evidence of this as our CCGs start to debate and vote on increasing thresholds for NHS treatments.  We have also seen examples of proposals to ration services by cutting the numbers eligible for NHS treatmentContinue Reading

Sustainability and Trasformation Plans (STP) are being drawn up in secret by bodies that lack any legal status with no public consultation and from that process we are now seeing the emergence of Accountable Care Systems and Organisations (ACS/O).  These too lack any public engagement, transparency or legal status. SoContinue Reading

Our hospitals are the next in line for severe cuts in funding from this Tory government hell-bent on destroying our healthcare service. Sustainability and transformation plans (STP) for primary care have already been incorporated into the operating plans of our CCGs.  But we are now waiting for the publication ofContinue Reading

Despite this meeting being held on a Sunday of bank holiday weekend, and at a time when many people would be involved in canvassing for forthcoming elections we had a surprisingly good turnout.  Representatives from groups in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Lancing and Chichester met to try and make senseContinue Reading

Sussex Defend the NHS Campaign is organising a regional campaign against the Sustainability and Transformation Plans that are the most immediate and devastating plans that threaten our NHS. The first meeting of this regional campaign to oppose STP is set to take place on Sunday 30th April at the BrighthelmContinue Reading