Donald Trump could cause great harm to our healthcare service through trade agreements.  But any trade agreement has the potential to damage our NHS. It is vital we protect the NHS from Donald Trump. We have been trying for some time to encourage the MPs of East Sussex to supportContinue Reading

It is perfectly understandable that many of us are focussing our attention on the Covid -19 pandemic, and now the black lives matter campaign.  But unless we acknowledge that our Government is capitalising on the fact that we have taken our eye off the ball we risk losing our NHSContinue Reading

Our Government is using the Covid-19 pandemic as a smokescreen behind which they can continue to destroy our NHS without many of us noticing.  Privatisation of the NHS, including services designed to tackle the pandemic, has been steam rollering ahead while we are all distracted by our current state ofContinue Reading

    Nobody can have escaped hearing that Boris is taking over as Prime Minister.  We know he intends to form trade deals with America, which could have disastrous consequences for our NHS.  But, we also know that he is likely to enforce greater austerity measures, throwing many more intoContinue Reading