February 26, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Banker's Corner, Eastbourne
Terminus Rd
Eastbourne BN21 3NE
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SOS NHS posterWe will be hosting an Eastbourne event for the SOS NHS Day of Action.  Our NHS is facing the biggest crisis in its history. This is a national emergency and one that is completely unnecessary.  We are holding this street stall which is part of a national campaign day with similar events taking place all around the country.

We will be holding this event to talk to the public, hand out leaflets and collect petition signatures. There are three main demands to make of the Government to avert this national emergency.  For all our sakes, please if you can support this event do.  The more people we can get helping us the better. If you are coming why not buy one of our campaign T shirts or masks to wear?

The three main demands are

  • Approve emergency funding of £20bn to save lives this winter
  • Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS and guarantee free healthcare for future generations
  • Pay staff properly, without fair pay staffing shortages will cost lives

Unless we act lives will be lost and this will hamper any recovery our country can make from the pandemic.  We all need our NHS, whether it is for ourselves, the people we care about or the future prosperity of our nation.

Why we say this crisis is unnecessary

This crisis was entirely avoidable but our Government chose to utilise the pandemic to speed up their efforts to turn our NHS into an American style healthcare system. Money has been squandered that should have been used to reward our NHS staff for their efforts and save lives. Instead every Conservative MP, including Caroline Ansell,  recently voted in favour of cutting taxes for banks rather than helping people with the cost of living crisis.  They have put £1.4bn towards a military space programme, wasted £38bn on a test and trace system that doesn’t work and £2.1bn on faulty PPE.

On the other hand every pound  invested in national health gives a £2-4 boost to our economy.

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