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To understand NHS policy can feel like an insurmountable task.  We have seen in recent years some very dramatic changes in policy.  Our NHS has been restructured and then restructured again.  The entire system of the NHS is now vastly more complex and includes many private sector bodies.

Whether we understand what has been happening politically to our NHS or not – most of us know the service is now on its knees.  As a campaign we believe it is vital we help raise awareness of why things are going wrong. This has to be done if we are to empower people to create positive changes in healthcare

On this page we have listed many  useful resources available for anyone who wants to start understanding why we are losing our NHS.  We have a column in Bournefree Live every two weeks and you will find links to all these columns below. Alternatively, follow this link to see a list of books, films and websites which we would recommend.


Our Column in Bournefree magazine


The Eastbourne branch is writing a column every two weeks for the Bournefree magazine.  Here are links to the columns we have had published.

Opinion – Caroline Ansell ‘doesn’t care how unhappy people are with their healthcare’


Eastbourne strikes Opinion: As our Government digs in its heels – we must do the same

Eastbourne Opinion: ‘Our NHS could easily become the pride of this nation again’


Eastbourne Opinion – The state of our NHS is a national emergency

Eastbourne Opinion: Support your nurses and paramedics to save our NHS

Opinion: Why we all need to fight to restore our human right to healthcare

A new elective care centre for Eastbourne or just a vanity project?

Opinion -Don’t scapegoat immigrants for the problems we see in our NHS

Eastbourne residents ‘angered by the destruction of our NHS’

Eastbourne Opinion – Save lives: start demanding a better NHS

Why we urgently need a transparent and independent review of local psychiatric services


Opinion: Why it is now down to the people to save their NHS?

Opinion: Why we need to raise awareness of what is happening to our NHS

Opinion: Do you really understand why so many of us are receiving poor care in the NHS?

Opinion: How much longer are we going to keep voting for more of the same?

Opinion: Can we stand together against laws that attack our human rights?

Opinion: ‘Hardship of people in Eastbourne is a political choice’


NHS opinion: We may lose our access to quality healthcare entirely

Opinion: We should expect better from Josh and Eastbourne LibDems


Opinion: ‘Eastbourne’s MP votes for a lethal blow to the town’s healthcare services’


Opinion: How modern capitalism is creating our mental health crisis

Opinion: We can’t sit by and watch while people get ill because others are getting rich

Opinion: We elect our MP to represent us… ‘Caroline is without shame’

Opinion: Can we stop the war games and start looking after British people?

East Sussex Save The NHS plans day of action


Opinion – Address staffing issues or we may lose our NHS

Opinion: The people vs establishment battles include the fight for our NHS

Opinion: Festive cheer feels inappropriate this year

An appeal for help as we fight on to achieve a better society for us all

Opinion: The drive for profit is attacking your NHS

The column below was published during COP26  in Glasgow.  Our campaign did attend the protest held in Eastbourne on the Saturday as we are all fully supportive of any action that will tackle climate change.

Opinion: System change not climate change – it’s time we all demanded it

The lack of accurate informationon what is happening to our NHS is a major problem for campaigners. Which is why I wrote a complaint to Ofcom about a recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme. I used to have a lot of respect for the producers of Dispatches but this programme seemed to only feed into a false narrative and one that our Government wants you to believe. I also felt it could have resulted in a lot of people feeling so scared of NHS treatment they would avoid getting help when they need it.
Here is my latest column I wrote for Bournefree Live on this
If you saw the programme yourself or you watch it later on catch-up TV and would like to make your own complaint then that would be great. This is the webpage where you can do this

Opinion: Why we protested at the Tory party conference this week

Opinion: Only the people can turn around this country’s rapid decline

The fight for our NHS, its survival and our futures

Opinion: Why we must address shortfalls in mental health services

Opinion: All NHS staff deserve a decent pay increase

Opinion: Going, going, very nearly gone – our NHS under the hammer

Opinion: Act now to stop your medical records being sold off

Opinion: ‘Lives being destroyed by lack of social care’

Opinion: Saving the NHS starts with understanding the pitfalls of privatisation

After Eastbourne DGH demo: Why low pay will be our next NHS crisis

Caroline Ansell and the LibDems ‘are both misleading the public on the NHS’

An urgent appeal – we need more people to help us save our NHS

‘Racism tarnishes the jewel in our crown – our NHS’

Opinion: ‘We didn’t elect our MP to vote against protecting the NHS’

DGH ‘at risk of being taken over by new Trust’ warn campaigners

Opinion: Eastbourne won’t really be getting ‘a new DGH’