We have been fighting East Sussex Clinical Commissiong Group (ESCCG) over the closure of our NHS walk-in centre for some time now.  When initially we first heard about the proposal it was long before anyone could anticipate the impact that the Covid -19 pandemic would have on our country. WeContinue Reading

. .. The consultation into the closure of Eastbourne’s walk-in centre was reopened by the CCG on the 4th August and will run until the 14th September. Before the start of lockdown we decided that we needed to cease collecting petition signatures  against the closure of Eastbourne’s walk-in centre.  ItContinue Reading

The battle to save our walk-in centre at Eastbourne continues and all the time we are collecting more evidence in favour of keeping the walk-in centre.  But the CCG seems determined and so we must fight on.  We are getting masses of support from the public and our survey ofContinue Reading