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March in support of the NHSFlyer appealing for information


To save our NHS and protect local services we need your support.  Although the lockdown is preventing this campaign from getting out in the town centre speaking to people, we can still be a presence online.  We need as much help as possible to raise the alarm about the destruction of our NHS and help us fight to keep the services we all need.



Help raise awareness

The basic structure of our NHS has been altered by consecutive Governments since 1948.  That initial structure of the NHS would still give us the most efficient and equitable means of delivering healthcare.  And just as we did in 1948 we still need an efficient and equitable service today.

Since the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act of 2012 the pace of change has accelerated with endless reorganisations happening.  Our media has failed us dramatically through fake news and ommission of other news.

As a campaign we aim to keep on top of what is happening and to make sense of the information we are able to access.  But it is hard, even when you put a lot of effort in.  We hope you will find this website informative, interesting and understandable.  If you feel inspired to assist us please read on.

Everyone has something they could contribute to the fight to save the NHS.  Keep the conversations about our NHS going.  Share whatever you learn or hear about our NHS with the people you know.  Talk about this campaign, ask questions, share our website and join us on social networks.  We have a Facebook page for the campaign and a Facebook group where many people are engaging with discussions on many different subjects. Each of the branches in Eastbourne, Hastings and Wealden also has their own Facebook page.  You can also catch us on Twitter.

Write to your local paper or phone up your local radio station.  Talk about healthcare in your trade unions and in other community groups.  With enough people involved we will raise awareness in our population. And we will fight the underhand dismantling of our nation’s pride and joy – the NHS.

Help us keep in touch with you by signing up to our email newsletters.  There is a link to the sign up form at the top of this website.

Exercise your democratic rights

Democracy means so much more than people going to the polls every few years.  We have the right to speak out against political changes we are unhappy with and our society depends upon people using this right.  Whether it is through public protests, through petitions or by contacting politicians.  You may write to a local paper or share your views online.  Join a trade union and start thinking about your employment rights as well as the employment rights of those in our NHS.

You can both start petitions and sign petitions.  This campaign has used the website to set up various petitions.  You can also donate to so they can promote petitions to more people.

Please sign our latest petition that is calling for Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust to open a new unit for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Prior to the lockdown we regularly organised events from protests to hustings and film or speaker events.  Please keep your eye on this website for events that you may like to get involved with.

Even through lockdown there have been things we asked people to do.  But now with the threat of Covid 19 so high we all have to stay at home and many people are setting up online events.  We will promote some on this site that we have hosted but also post some that others, who we support, are hosting.

Support the NHS workforce

Our NHS is at breaking point and so are the people who work within it.  Britain has the highest per capita infection rate of Covid 19 in the world.  We could have done so much better. But thousands have lost their lives because of Government failures.  Sadly many of them were workers in our NHS.

Demonstrating our appreciation of the enormous efforts the workforce is making is very important.  But applause doesn’t pay bills.  And sadly, many of the NHS staff have suffered real term pay cuts since 2010 of 20%.  Join with us in demanding a 15% pay increase for those workers.  It seems likely that after the pandemic the Government may decide to put in place a two year public sector pay freeze.

Please sign this petition to stop any public sector pay freeze once this pandemic is over.

If you feel NHS staff should not be paying parking fees at work then you can do two things.  Write to the Trust and ask that they remove all parking fees for staff and sign this petition. Talk to the NHS staff you know and ask what are the issues that bother them most.

Black and ethnic minority workers in our NHS are much more likely to die of Covid 19 than their white counterparts.  Write to your NHS trust and ask if they have carried out risk assessments on BAME staff and/or prioritised them for better Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Fight against privatisation

Privatisation squanders money which goes towards  producing profit instead of delivering healthcare.  It  has also greatly increased inefficiency in our healthcare service. NHS hospitals operate now as conglomerates of different providers all working under one roof. And, it is impossible for them to run efficiently.  The different providers do not not even communicate well with each other as they tie themselves up in knots trying to protect ‘trade secrets’.  The whole business of CCGs putting services out to tender, assessing the bids that come in and awarding contracts can be time consuming and expensive in itself.

Throughout the pandemic our Government has handed out highly lucrative contracts to private corporations.  This has changed the very structure of our healthcare service dramatically.  Many fear that our Government may use the fact that our NHS is at breaking point to say that complete privatisation is the only way forward.  We know the opposite is true.

If you question the validity of the arguments against privatisation just look at America.  Their healthcare system is twice as expensive as ours yet half as efficient,  More Americans go bankrupt because of healthcare costs than anywhere else in the world.  Medicaid may exist but so many people do not qualify for it and often they don’t earn enough to pay hospital bills.  Many Americans don’t find out until they are ill  about all the things their insurance policy doesn’t cover.

The design of the American healthcare system maximises the amount of profit that corporations can make out of healthcare.  The NHS was designed to maximise the amount of healthcare that could be delivered for the funding that was in place.  Those two aims are polar opposities and cannot exist together.  But over recent years we have started to copy the structures that exist in the US system here.

US-ification is still a threat to our NHS despite Biden replacing Trump as US President. American healthcare corporations are desperate to start bleeding our own healthcare system dry.   We need to maintain  pressure on our Government to not allow our NHS to become part of any future trade deal particularly with America.

A US-UK trade deal would seriously damage our NHS.  We will provide a short update on this issue but you can read more about it here.

Our MPs must be allowed to scrutinise trade agreements as they are formed. The clause in the Trade Bill that prevents this is an insult to democracy. It is absolutlely vital that we get an ammendment to the Trade Bill currently going through Parliament which will exclude our NHS from any trade deal we agree to with America.  Read about this here..  These trade agreements hand the power to private corporations to sue our Government if they pass legislation that may limit their capacity to profit.  Including our NHS in trade agreements will end all democratic control of our own healthcare system.

Please sign this petition to exclude the NHS from trade agreements with America.

It will really help us campaign if we can get some idea of how you, the public are feeling about trade deals.  Please follow the links to below and answer these two simple questions on this online poll. Thank you.

Do you believe the NHS will be on the table in a US-UK trade deal?

How do you feel about the NHS being on the table in a US-UK trade deal?

We have sent a letter to each of the MPs in East Sussex calling on them to support an ammendment to the Trade Bill which will exclude our NHS.   When MPs receive large volumes of letters on an issue they are much more likely to pay attention.

Be aware that privatisation and all the problems it encompasses is being pushed into our NHS by this Government.  Sign this petition calling for privatisation of NHS services to be stopped.  But also write to or phone your MP and express your concerns about NHS privatisation.

We must also fight back against creeping racism in our NHS.  Workers in our NHS from Black and Ethnic Minorities (BAME) are expected to pay a £624/ year surcharge to receive NHS care unless they have a British passport or indefinite leave to remain.  BAME workers make up 1/3 of our NHS workforce they deserve to be treated with much more respect than this.  Please sign this petition calling on the UK Government to remove the immmigration surcharge.

Thank you for reading through to see how you can play a part in helping us protect our NHS.  All of us can offer something to this battle.  You may have ideas of other things you could do to help that we haven’t listed here.  Please get in touch and let us know.  We have a small organising group that meets online and communicates through a WhatsApp group.  Please let us know if you would like to be involved in this way and which branch you are interested in helping with.  The three main organisers for the different branches are:-

Angie Smith (Wealden) contact:

Lucette Davies (Eastbourne) contact:

Jonathan Lee (Hastings) contact:

Don’t  forget that running this campaign costs money.  If you can donate anything at all to help with our costs it would be very much appreciated.  There is a donate button at the top of this website.